Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dishonored - A Game After My Own Heart

Dishonored is a game coming out in the next couple of months that resonates with me.  I love stealth games.  I love being able to sneak through the entire game, which usually adds many hours on the normal playtime.  

In fact it took me ten years to beat Thief and it'll take me another ten to beat Thief II, if at all.  It took me over a year to beat Deus Ex:  Human Revolution.  This is because I'm very methodical in how I play these games.  If a mission doesn't go right (ie, I accidentally kill someone, or I'm discovered sneaking around) I reload the game.  Is that cheating?  Sure.  Does this type of cheating reduce my enjoyment of the game?  Not at all.

There is nothing more satisfying than pulling off a job, be it a theft or an assassination, without being seen.  One of my favorite missions on any game was in the first Hitman for PC, called 'Kowloon Triads in Gang War'.  In it you have to assassinate one of the Triad's negotiators while leaving the other one alive.  So I pulled out my briefcase sniper rifle took an elevator up to the roof of a building, shot the dude from a long way off, dropped the rifle, took the elevator back down, and slowly walked back the way I came.  I didn't have to walk, but in my mind I was really doing the job so of course I'm going to act natural.  It was the perfect kill.  It still makes me smile after all these years.

Dishonored might be the next game like that.  I've tried to keep away from knowing too much about it as I don't want to hype it up to be the next Thief/Hitman and be let down horribly.  But this stealthy trailer was too exciting to pass up and I had to watch it.  I'm glad I did.  It gives me hope.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ip Man - Sort of a review?

Do you like Kung Fu?  If not you're probably a communist...wait a minute.

Anyway, kung fu movies are usually kind of crap, especially after Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon released and everybody started using wires and crappy fighting choreography.  And the first little bit of Ip Man had me believing that it fell into the crap category.  But it's actually incredibly good.

It's the story of the mentor of Bruce Lee, a happy go lucky dude named Ip (played by the Iron Monkey's sidekick) who takes a stand against the Japanese takeover the only way he knows how:  kicking ass with a smile on his face.  

Okay that description might be misleading, but he does kick ass in this movie.  Below is one of the coolest fight scenes ever.  If you watch in context of the movie it's better, so I would suggest you watch the movie first then go back and watch the fight scene again, because you'll want to.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zac Gorman and Magical Game Time

I think I discovered Zac Gorman on dork website Dorkly.  I love his style, which is reminiscent of Moebius, but a lot more cartoony.  Zac does little web comics on video games in a blog called Magical Game Time and does more personal stuff on his own website.

If you love good art and/or video games check him out.

Also, here's an awesome picture of the best Final Fantasy ever made:  III...or VI.  III if you're old school like me.