Friday, March 8, 2013

RPG Maker VX Ace Plus My First Game

Many, many years ago I messed around with RPG Maker 95.  It was a way to create your own RPGs similar to old school Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest).  Except it was in Japanese.  It was lovingly translated to English by a fan (I think), but it was just a terrible system to work with.  Especially since  I didn't really have the drive to make games back then that I possess now.  Needless to say I quit using it, having only made a couple of buggy small and pointless games for my own personal enjoyment.

But a couple of days ago I saw the new version RPG Maker VX Ace on sale for 50% off on the Steam Store.  I figured for 35 bucks it wouldn't hurt and maybe since I understand programming a bit and have an actual drive to make video games so I'd give it a shot.  Plus it's translated properly!

Well, it's certainly less buggy than the 95 version was, but it's certainly not "Simple Enough For A Child", as the Steam store states.  Unless that child is really awesome.  It's hard.  Or I am really bad.  I don't know.  But in two days i finished this quick little game...or visual novel.  I'm not really sure.  It's more just me messing around trying to figure things out, but I spent alot of time (more than I should have probably) playtesting it, trying to make it a super tight (if short) experience.

Anyhoo, enjoy my latest creation:  The Sword.