Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Man From Nowhere - A Short Review

The Man From Nowhere is a Korean action/drama film.  Which I didn't realize until I saw writing.  I thought it was Cantonese, not Mandarin because I actually took a semester of Mandarin and know what it sounds like.  And yes the character names should have been a give away, but I wasn't focusing on that.  I was wrong.  And I'm glad I was, because my biggest problem with Chinese films is that they're pretty goofy.  Funny is fine, as this film was at certain parts, but when people are mutilating each other with hatchets and blowing holes in each other the last thing you need is slapstick humor.  I think this was the first Korean movie I've watched and it was excellent.

Here are some bullet points as to why I enjoyed this movie:

  • I was never bored watching it.
  • The fight scenes were awesome but not over-the-top ridiculous like a lot of Kung-Fu movies are.  Also there weren't too many.  The fights were very well balanced with the drama.  
  • The child actress was pretty good in this.  
  • The movie was dark and grimy and they didn't hold back on the realism, which meant some of the stuff was brutal and they showed it.  But it was appropriate, I think.  
  • I actually clapped for our hero a couple of times because I was so involved in what was going on.
  • ::SPOILERS:: The good guy didn't die in the end, which made me smile!  YAY!  ::END SPOILERS::
I highly recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't mind reading subtitles.  Especially since you can watch it free on Hulu.

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