Friday, May 3, 2013

Miracle and Late to the Party: Finished Review of BioShock

Would you kindly not be so frakkin amazing?!

Come on, this came is six years old, you should have finished it by now.  If not, then don't read.

Yes, this game came out in 2007.  Yes, it's 2013.  But I've finally finished it!  This is two games I've finished in as many days.  It's been a long, drawn, tiresome way of finishing video games and I'll admit that some of the grandeur of this game was lost because of that.  But it's totally worth it.  I originally started the game back in 2010 (still very, very late to the party).  I played it on the hardest difficulty.  I died a lot.  I got frustrated.  I quit.  In 2011 I fired up Steam and clicked to play it, only my saved data had all been destroyed.  I had sunk four hours into it, yet all for not.  So I didn't play it.
Until I accidentally had it spoiled for me while browsing the interwebs, would you kindly.  So I said I have to play this game now, because that's just awesome.
So I did.
On Easy difficulty.
Man this game is a breeze!  I found an utter love for playing on Easy.  I said it would let me play and beat more games and I was right.  I will always play on Easy or Normal difficulty from now on.  I think I only died once the whole playthrough, and that was because I blew myself up.
I played the good guy route, saving the Little Sisters, because I'm such a sweet dude.  The ending was totally worth it when the Little Sisters stabbed Fontaine to death with their harvesters.  Such sweet innocence.  And the ending scene was short, but it was to the point.  Perfect in fact.  And then I didn't have to sit through the credits.  Pretty awesome.
I should probably talk about the game.  You get a bunch of weapons.  You shoot stuff (although killing big daddies with a wrench is super  satisfying).  You get superpowers like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, magicbeeskinesis and you kill stuff with those too.  You can sneak.  You can use the environment to help you murder everyone in sight.  It's a great way to spend ten hours.
Plus, the story is amazing and very well written with a few a few surprises thrown in.  I think everyone compared it to System Shock 2 (I'm not fact checking), but I never got into that game so I won't.  I would compare it, storytelling-wise, to the Portal series, probably 2 more than 1.
Also, the atmosphere of this game is phenomenal.  Even though I was hardly in danger on Easy difficulty, I felt scared at points.  The sound engineers did a great job.  Bravo.  I think you guys don't get as much recognition as you should.
The point is, get this game and play it if you haven't already.  It's amazing and on Steam sales you can usually get it for five bucks.

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