Monday, January 14, 2013

My First Flash Games

Hey there, folks!  When I first got it in my head that I wanted to make video games, I started learning C++, as that's a very base language and I'd heard that if you can learn that you can learn any other language too.

So C++ is good, but output is really slow for those that are impatient.  So I looked into Actionscript 3.0 (Flash).  I created my first game, a Pong clone, in three days.  It's simple and there's absolutely no depth to it at all.  I decided to graduate myself (a little prematurely) to a brick breaker game.  That's taken much more time to finish, although most of that was simply due to finding all the little bugs.  But it's done now, and up on my website, hopefully bug free.

Except that they're laggy as could be.  I don't know why.  But for now it's finished and I'll move on to something else.

Head on over to Floydian Theory to check them out.

UPDATE:  I've put some download links for the games so if you want to try them out they should be lag free.

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